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Guess It's About Time For An Update. Well... That's What THEY Say *_~.

Hmmm... so I'm supposed to update because I was told to...

You know what I think?

I think that's what



But I'll do it anyway... even though I hate them.

What to say? I work a lot... the folding machine at work died today... now I have to fold 400 newsletters by hand without the assistance of student workers.

Hmmmm... that's not very cheery, is it?

Um... I've recently started writing again. I wrote a chapter in a new story that came to me a few nights ago when I couldn't sleep. The story is amazing (from what I know of it thus far) and probably came to me as a result of drinking champagne and eating truffles earlier that night. Thanks Leslie, you're a doll *_~.

Well... not really too much else to say right now.

Later everyone *_~
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