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New Addition.

After Leisle died, Danke's title changed. She used to be Frauline Danke von Leisle Routenbusch. Leisle was a Duchess. Duchess Leisle Gretchen Kristina. So... it just made sense that when Leisle died, Danke became Duchess Danke von Leisle Routenbusch.

Now we have a new addition. She's beautiful. She's a copper colored, short haired Dachshund. Her name is Frauline Elsa Leisle Gretchen Kristina Routenbusch. That's Elsa for short *_~. She's adorable. She's only 12 weeks old, and she's just amazing! Danke put her in her place right away. She's pretending like she's not interested, but you can tell that she just loves her. She's got to be stubborn, it's in her nature. I love them both so much! Danke's checking out the sleeping Elsa at this very moment. It's so cute.

Now it's time to eat and start getting ready for the play. ^_^.
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