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Trafford Tanzi!

Tonight was preview night for Trafford Tanzi. It went smashingly *_~! Tomorrow night we open. It's such a good play! It's so different than what everyone would be used to! I'm so excited that I'm in it, I really am. I complain about it a lot. I complain about being sore from it... but the truth is, that I really do like it a whole lot *_~.

Anyway, you've all gotta try to come and see it! I posted the performance dates and times in a previous entry, so just take a look. When you do come, you've gotta come and support your favorite wrestler! Who, of course, has to be Dean Rebel *_~. His colors are Blue and Black, should you feel inclined to wear them! And feel free to make a sign or two and cheer as loudly for your favorite wrestler as you can...

Should, for whatever reason, another wrestler be your favorite (I don't know how this could be...), here are their colors... *_~.

Dean Rebel-(Played by me, obviously *_~): Blue and Black
Trafford Tanzi-(Krista): Red and Black
Platinum Sue-(Maggie): Silver (Gray) or yellow and Black.
Mum-(Jaime): Pink, Purple, and Black
Dad-(Joe): Green, Orange, and Black
Dr. Grope-(Chris): Purple and White

So come and cheer for your favorite! *_~.
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