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Ok... well... stuff... yes... stuff...

Anyway, "Trafford Tanzi" performance dates will be posted soon (That's the new play I'm in). Same thing with reservations. Be sure to make them, although, more seats will be available. It's going to be an awesome and entertaining show, trust me on this one, it's a bloody riot to watch rehearsals and I know what's going on.

I might have to go to the college today, even though I don't have a rehearsal scheduled. Need to do exercises to strengthen myself for some of the things I have to do in said play. Chris said he's show me what I need to do... So I'm sure I should just do it and get it over with.

Also have to go to the library to get the script for "Twelfth Night". Yep... busy busy on this, my only day off....
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awww I hope we can make it to this next play!!! Oh, about your party...we really really wanted to go, but we have some friends coming in from Rochester that weekend, and they didn't want to go to a party, so we feel obligated to stay with them. I'm sure it will be tons of fun though... :(
The play is two weekends, so it should be more convenient *_~.

It's ok about the party! Have fun with your friends from out of town, you don't get to see them too often ^_^.

~Nanami, P.A.U.D.
Stephen! i have a question/favor (kinda) to ask you. i'll call you tomorrow tho :)